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Understanding Software?

: A so-called software, is a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine computer in the work. This software is a record for the engine computer to save the command, as well as documents and other records.

In general, the software consists of system software and application software.

a. Operating Systems

Function: Enables seluru devices installed on the computer so that each
each can communicate with each other
b. Utility Program (Tools)

Function: To assist or fill in the shortcomings of the operating system
c. Programming Language

Function: Change the architecture and algorithms are designed human beings into a format
can run the computer

Divided into two, namely:
a. Program Application
b. Program Package:

1. Word processing application software
Function: Process the data in text form
2. Processing a number of software applications
Function: Process the data is numeric
3. Processing application software based presentations
Function: Create a slide presentation format in the form
4. Data processing application software
Functions: Making a database
5. Graphics processing application software
Function: Process the object so that it has a better view
6. Statistical processing application software

Function: Process the data in the form of numbers to be more easily analyzed

7. Multimedia application software
Function: Process the data into entertainment

8. Internet application software

Function: Internet browsing


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