History of Visual Programming

Visual programming is the creation of a computer program using the pictorial elements. Traditionally, a program is a sequence of text statements that are used to achieve certain results or solve some problems. Programming languages often have a certain way of representing the work to be done so that leads to complexity. Visual programming will try to make the program simple creation.

Consider conducted a search in the web site where the box used to enter text. When a user types a character, a number of suggestions that appear just below the text box. A visual program to achieve this would allow the programmer to place a box on the screen, one for each task, and use arrows to show the flow between tasks.

The first box on the screen will indicate that he is waiting for user action. When a character is typed flow will be directed to a box that determines whether a valid character. If the character is valid, then the flow will be redirected to another box on the screen that searches a database.

Searching the database itself will have a number of subtasks. Clicking the box to search the database will bring up a new screen to let people show subtasks programmer and flow among them. Aspects such as stopping the search when the number of suggestions that remains found in or give up the search if it is not enough advice found in the amount of time, will be considered and handled by the programmer on this screen.

A computer program that has many facets to it than the action and flow. These include the relationship between data, sharing data with other programs, spreading the work among resources, and relationship graphics elements for ease of use. A set of text statements do not always handle all the action in a subtle manner and this may not be easy for other programmers to understand all the implications. Visual programming effort to overcome most of these aspects.

There are many programming languages that allow to be done visually. Typically, a visual programming language include: Tersus for web applications, MVPL to robotics, LabVIEW for scientists, and tools for audio Synthmaker. There is a language for visual programming and attached hand-held computer. However, Visual C # or Visual Basic is not a visual language. Although popular, they only allow the placement of the display of items with which users interact.


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